Be Safe Pool Inspections is Brisbane's #1 Pool Fence Compliance Experts

Be Safe Pool Inspections has been providing Pool Safety Inspections, Pool Fence Inspections and Safety Inspections in the greater Brisbane area since the QLD Pool Fence Legislation came into effect in 2010. By choosing Be Safe Pool Inspections, you can rest assured knowing you're dealing with the most experienced and knowledgable Pool Fence Inspectors in Brisbane.

A pool safety inspection can only be performed by a licensed pool safety inspector and are conducted in accordance with the AS1926.1 & QDC MP 3.4.
Be Safe Pool Inspections have been at the forefront of the pool safety inspection industry since 2010. If you require pool fencing advice or would like to book in an pool inspection, contact the friendly team at Be Safe on 0488558526 or 1300677665.

Properties with swimming pools or spas must now have a current pool safety certificate (form 23) when sold or prior to being leased. A complying pool fence is mandatory since December 2015 regardless of being sold or rented. For more information on pool safety certificates, contact Be Safe Pool Inspection on 1300 677 665

Pool Fencing Installation & Repairs

Our Pool Fence Inspectors complete ongoing professional development throughout the year to ensure they stay ahead of the game and remain informed on all pool safety news to make certain they provide the best pool fence inspection service.

The legislation introduced by the Queensland government is Australia’s toughest pool fencing legislation and has been put in place in an attempt to reduce and prevent drowning’s in Queensland’s backyard pools and spas caused by non-compliant, and in some cases, non-existent pool fences.

Be Safe Pool Inspections is Brisbane’s #1 pool safety compliance company. Specialising in pool fence inspections, the team at Be Safe Pool Inspections has conducted well over 6000 pool inspections in Brisbane since the introduction of the pool safety legislation in December 2010.

Whether you require a pre-purchase pool fence inspection, compliance advice or a pool safety certificate to sell or lease your house, make Be Safe Pool Inspections your first point of call and you can be assured you’re dealing with the most experienced and knowledgeable Pool Fence Compliance team.


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