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Providing your family and loved ones with peace of mind, our Pool Safety Inspectors are all government certified and have years of experience to provide you with a hassle free and comprehensive swimming pool inspection process.

Queensland homeowners with non-shared, residential pools must ensure their pool fence complies with the latest pool fence standards by 1st December 2015.

If residents of two or more dwellings can use a pool, such as a body corporate pool, it is a shared pool. For shared pools, the owner must give the person who will be the tenant a copy of a pool safety certificate before entering into the lease if a certificate is in effect.

The owner of a non-shared pool must ensure a pool safety certificate is in effect for the pool before entering into a new or renewed lease for a property.

If no pool safety certificate is in effect before entering into a contract of sale for a property with a pool, the seller must give the prospective buyer a Form 36 – Notice of no pool safety certificate. This form advises that there is no pool safety certificate in effect. The Form 36 is intended to help prospective buyers make a more informed decision about purchasing the property.

Compliant pool barriers help save lives by preventing young children from accessing swimming pools.

Do you need a pool safety inspection or Form 23 – Pool Safety Certificate? Book online now with Be Safe Pool Inspections.
At only $200 including the government certificate fee for a residential pool inspection, it really is a small price you pay for piece of mind. Arrange your pool fence inspection with Be Safe Pool Inspections. Call us on 1300 677 665 to arrange a pool inspection or book your pool inspection online.

Pool Safety Brochure

Pool Safety Guidelines

Pool Safety Legislation 2010 QDC MP 3.4


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