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Be Safe Pool Fence Inspections provides pool safety inspections and compliancy certificates across Brisbane, Bayside, Caboolture, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay and surrounding areas.

Queensland homeowners with non-shared, residential pools must ensure their pool fence complies with the latest pool fence standards by 1st December 2015.

If residents of two or more dwellings can use a pool, such as a body corporate pool, it is a shared pool. For shared pools, the owner must give the person who will be the tenant a copy of a pool safety certificate before entering into the lease if a certificate is in effect.

The owner of a non-shared pool must ensure a pool safety certificate is in effect for the pool before entering into a new or renewed lease for a property.

If no pool safety certificate is in effect before entering into a contract of sale for a property with a pool, the seller must give the prospective buyer a Form 36 – Notice of no pool safety certificate. This form advises that there is no pool safety certificate in effect. The Form 36 is intended to help prospective buyers make a more informed decision about purchasing the property.

Compliant pool barriers help save lives by preventing young children from accessing swimming pools.

All pools, including spas and some portable pools, will need to comply with the pool safety standard by 30 November 2015, or earlier if the property is sold or leased.
The standard applies to homes with new or existing pools as well as short and long-term accommodation premises. This includes new and existing pools in houses, unit complexes, hotels, motels, backpacker accommodation, caravan parks and mobile van parks.
A Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate is the form issued by a licensed Pool Fence Inspector whose role is to inspect pool the pool or spa barrier determine whether it complies with the standard. If the pool is compliant, the inspector will issue a pool safety certificate. This form is lodged on the QBCC Pool Safety Register and remains current for either 1 or 2 years depending on the property type.


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